For the preservation of customer data, GAPSLOT88 has always taken the most cautious attitude and work procedures. Our responsibility and commitment to our customers. In addition, it clearly explains how we handle customer data. By using GAPSLOT88, you acknowledge and accept the terms and conditions of the GAPSLOT88 Privacy Policy and understand the purpose of the collection and the manner in which it is processed. If you do not agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy, please do not use the website or provide us with your personal information.


When a customer opens and uses an account at GAPSLOT88, the information and data we collect include name, address, age, email, phone number, IP address, etc., and the purpose of collecting this information is:

  1. Keep account of transaction records
  2. Help improve account management
  3. Security reasons (including customer identification)
  4. Create customer profile
  5. Manage customer relationships
  6. Provide you with our offers, products and services with your consent
  7. Regulate transactions to prevent fraud, irregular betting, money laundering and fraud


Our system will automatically record the GAPSLOT88 viewer's network IP address, but we will never record the website visitor's email address, which is mainly used for website traffic statistic.


Our advertising system automatically records the clicker’s network IP address, which is primarily used to make the site’s promotional features work.


GAPSLOT88 is absolutely secure and confidential to ensure that the personal information and information provided to us by our customers. All relevant content sent to us must be stored in our servers after high-tech security facilities. This confidentiality facility is maintained using state-of-the-art firewall technology. Our entertainment websites and software use the best security programs to ensure that the player's personal information is not used by third parties.


We are committed to properly maintaining all of our customers' information and maintaining the accuracy of the information. According to the law, the customer has the right to retain personal data and request to change any errors. At the same time, we will take all steps to ensure that the customer's data is processed to the most stringent safety standards. In addition, customer information is only disclosed under the applicable law, and the information is mainly disclosed to relevant departments such as GAPSLOT88 business partners, consultants and suppliers (such as credit card processing agencies). We promise not to sell customer information to third parties.